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David and Donna MadoreYes! We won!  Thank you for entrusting me with the opportunity and responsibility to work for you to champion our county into a new chapter of prosperity.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve our community, for the trust that you have bestowed to do what I have promised, to follow through and go to bat for our community.

I jumped in the first day after the election, getting to know the county staff and being busy to get things done. There are many worthwhile projects and priorities that will take their turn. My focus will be first to accomplish the primary tasks I promised during the election:

* Opening the floodgates to local private jobs, unleashing free enterprise in Clark County.

* Streamlining the permit process to remove the pain, to define the job description of the staff to make their customers successful, to make life easy for their customers (Clark County citizens).

* To restore the free use of our parks.

* To defend our community from being steamrolled by the Light Rail tolling forces. We will make smarter decisions to move us forward and strengthen our economy.

* To improve county and C-Tran services while cutting cost and taxes (yes it is possible to do both together)

* To ensure that private property rights and voting rights are respected.

* To find practical workable solutions for development that satisfies the State Department of Ecology while moving ahead to provide new facilities where people can live and work.

These are a start. Now that the election is over, I will buckle down and get to work to do what I can now and to be sworn into office at 8:30 am January 2.

And yes, I will cut (refund back to citizens) my commissioner salary by 20% as I promised. I will work to honor your trust. My cell phone# is 360-601-3056. I am here to listen to and to serve you.

I plan to keep you updated and welcome your interaction on my public Facebook Page.

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