David, Donna and DaughtersSome of you already know me as your Clark County Commissioner / Councilor. If not, please allow me to introduce myself and ask for your support. Clark County has been my family’s home for 26 years. My wife Donna and I have been married since 1977 and chose Clark County as the best place in America to live, grow our business, and raise our three loving daughters. All three daughters graduated from college and have settled nearby. Michelle and Leanne are now married (one to go, Rachel!), and we are now enjoying 5 wonderful grandchildren.

I am the founder and CEO of US Digital, a Clark County company that designs and manufactures innovative precision sensors for motion control and solar power applications. US Digital started in our home 37 years ago and has grown year by year, now providing great jobs for 130+ local families. We have fun inventing, engineering, manufacturing, and exporting our products to the world. We are truly a “made in America” business with all of our jobs here in Clark County making our county and our country stronger.

Our very healthy growing business focuses on making others successful, practices sound financial principles that have kept us debt free, pay cash as we go, and grow fastest during recessions when other companies lay off outstanding employees.

Good business is supposed to be good for communities, neighbors, employees, customers, and suppliers, not just the owners or stakeholders. We house dozens of faith-based nonprofit organizations at no charge so they can compassionately serve our community.
Learn more about US Digital here, and our US Digital Outreach Center here with video clip here.

US Digital

Prior to being elected as your Clark County Commissioner and serving as your current council member, I never held an elected office, nor had I ever imagined that I would ever serve in such a role. The blessings of just running US Digital and raising a family kept me plenty busy.

Yet in the 2008 – 2012 years, like many of my neighbors, we watched as our community stagnated and declined as one of the worst economies in Oregon and Washington. So many neighbors lost their jobs, businesses closed, people lost their homes, and life fell apart for no many of our neighbors.

Our trouble was made worse by unresponsive and unprepared local leaders. Our county government made matters worse by raising taxes and fees, planning to add billions in new debt for the CRC, adding tolls to our freeways, making building permits painful, slow, expensive, complex, and making storm water permits nearly impossible to get. After multiple appeals to Vancouver and Clark County representatives and finding no interest in changing from the status quo, I sought new leadership.

Local business leaders needed to step up from the private sector and help on the right track and lead our community to fresh new prosperity. I was one of those invited by friends and neighbors to serve. US Digital already had an outstanding leadership team in place that was willing and able to run the business without me. Their support allowed me the freedom to take my turn and serve to help our community once again prosper and thrive.

Many citizens pulled together and worked hard and succeeded in sharing the new vision and direction for our county. I was privileged to be elected to represent you and commissioned to work toward that vision  to get ‘er done.

With the help of Commissioner Tom Mielke, within six months, we were able to make Clark County the most business friendly community on the West Coast with our pro-jobs fee waiver resolution.

Entrepreneurs were able to do what they do best, create new wealth and lighten the tax burden for everyone. Many businesses started investing in our community and providing a flood of great local jobs. Free enterprise has been booming ever since as Clark County became the fastest growing jobs market and sales growth county on the West Coast.


Source: State Department of Employment Security Regional Economist Scott Bailey – April 2016 Report

We were able to fulfill the vision and accomplish the many promises given to our community. Each promise is still listed on the issues page of this website for accountability.

From the beginning, I arranged for all my paychecks to be reduced by 20%. I didn’t turn in expense reports. I waived the $700 per month car allowance, used my own car, and waived all benefits (health insurance, retirement, Etc). I did this to lead by example because I cannot expect others to be thrifty with our public funds if I am not willing to sacrifice first.

Representative government depends on you making an informed choice. If you support the vision, character, principles, values, motivation, qualifications, and track record forthrightly communicated here, and if I have earned your trust, then I ask for your support and your vote to continue serving as your Clark County Councilor.

The following is a brief list of my values

  • I support the sound financial principles, including efficient limited government.
  • I oppose funding any project that is not clearly supported by the majority of taxpayers.
  • Reduce taxes and foster new local private jobs. The records shows no property tax increases, shows that fees were cut, services were improved, fund balances were strengthened, and we voted to cut General Fund Property taxes by 2% in December 2015.  (See note 1)
  • I oppose excessive regulations, including those made by non-elected bureaucracies.
  • I support cutting impact fees, and streamlining the permitting process so that our County’s building industry can rebound, unleash free enterprise in Clark County.
    See Fee Waiver Program video clip here.
  • I oppose raising taxes. We need to balance budgets by cutting costs by streamlining and simplifying processes to save cost and work.
  • I support policies encouraging personal responsibility, open government, forthrightness, accountability, and transparency.
    Succeeded in CVTV recording all C-Tran and RTC Board meetings, creating The Grid where all documents and recordings are posted for all public meetings including Board Time meetings and Work Sessions with audio recordings, creating Grids for numerous other public meetings and advisory board meetings.
  • Building relationships to work together as a community.
    We now have an agreement and active partnership with the Port of Vancouver to develop and provide infrastructure for new business property along our county railroad.
  • Building a culture that focuses on making our customers successful.
    Our permitting staff is enjoying serving applicants wishing to invest in our community.
    We’ve extended our hours including weekend and evening inspections and online video inspections.
  • Our future is not as a bedroom community of Portland. Rather, we must become a self-sufficient local economy providing our own local jobs.
    See the March 30 Clark County Focus interview.
  • Championing private property right.
    Rural citizens were given a seat at the table and had their land rights restored with Alternative 4. (See note 1)
  • Honoring our Second Amendment as a lifetime NRA member.
    Our county will not seek to disarm citizens in the event of a state of emergency.
  • Supporting our new Sheriff by continuing to fund new deputies.
  • Improving our roads to relieve congestion including providing for a new toll-free East County Bridge. See EastCountyBridge.com
  • Opposing the CRC Light Rail Tolling boondoggle while supporting practical solutions to relieve Portland’s I-5 corridor congestion.
  • Continuing conservative financially sound policies that avoid debt.
  • I value and welcome your feedback and insights.

Note 1: Repealed by Marc Boldt, Jeanne Stewart, and Julie Olson

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